Looks is Not The First For Women

It’s true that there are some women out there who will only ever accept an extremely good looking guy for a boyfriend, lover or husband.

Women like that will simply reject any who doesn’t appear to be good looking according to her standards.

Yet, those women are the minority.

The majority of women have what I call an Open Type, which means that they are open to being with many different types of men (in terms of looks, race, financial status, educate, weight, etc) as long as the men can make her feel attracted and drawn to him in other ways.

Most women (not all) don’t select a man purely based on his looks.

Most women are seeking more important, useful traits in a man such as confidence, charisma, rich, successful the ability to make her laugh, the potential to do well in life, the ability to make her feel girly in response to his masculinity and the ability to be respected by other men and get along with people in general.

If a man is simply “good looking” or has a great gym body, but his personality lacks substance or appeal (e.g. he is a boring conversationalist, is too nice to her in the hope of being liked for it, is nervous or unsure of himself and makes her feel like more of a friend than feeling girly and sexual around him), most women will reject him.

Some women will feel attracted to him and even try to pick him up, but those women will usually either be unattractive, drunk or weird psychos.

Most attractive women who are normal, confident and looking for a real man will not accept a good looking guy who lacks confidence around her or who doesn’t know how to make her feel girly and feminine in comparison to his masculine approach.

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